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Pakistani Lawn is a type of textile that is made from cotton. It is a fine plain weave textile designed using fine, high thread count cotton. The fabric is woven on hand looms and it has a very soft texture.

The fabric was initially worn as an undergarment by both men and women in the subcontinent, but it eventually became popular as an outer garment for women in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

It was originally produced with natural indigo dye but now it is mostly dyed with synthetic dyes.

The most common color of Pakistani lawns are white and off-white which are made from unbleached yarns while the less common colors are red and blue which are made from bleached yarns.

Lawn is a type of fabric that is woven from cotton yarn. The fabric is soft and feels cool to the skin. Pakistan has been producing this fabric for centuries, and it has become one of the most famous cloths in the world.

The word “lawn” comes from the Old English word “lawene”, which means “cloth”. This type of textile was first made in India but it quickly spread to other parts of Asia because it was so popular.